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Gray spent his formative years in the USA where he developed a talent for drawing aeroplanes. After school in England he went on to study architecture but gave it up after four years when he was seduced by the advertising business. He worked at a variety of creatively inclined agencies as a copywriter and was eventually a creative director at WCRS, one of London’s most prestigious agencies.

He won several awards, notably for ‘Smash’ and BMW. During this time he tried directing TV commercials but the consensus was he couldn’t direct traffic up a one way street, so that was quickly forgotten.

He became increasingly in demand as a cartoonist and eventually this
took over full time when he did the Wicked Willie series of books, since which he now does a daily strip in the Mail, works for magazines and many international clients as a cartoonist, book and advertising illustrator.

He works in a shed in the woods near Henley where he now also paintspictures on silk, in a different style to his cartoon work.

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